A know-how 
carefully kept, an unchanged formula
 since its inception and has always been kept secret.

Tinted Self-tanning Lotion – Original

A new version of the famous “Water that tans” for all those who dream of an intense, tropical tan and caramel-colored skin. The promise of a beautiful, even and long-lasting tan.

The skin darkens immediately, it becomes beautifully amber, intensely tanned like under the Tropical sun without taking the slightest risk.

Non-greasy, devoid of any preservatives, and therefore perfectly adapted to all skin types, the intense and tinted formula is highly concentrated in self-tanning agent (D.H.A), a biochemical compound derived from glycerol, which allows all skin types, especially those that do not tolerate the sun’s rays, to obtain an intense, streak-free tan.
The more pronounced and deep tan fades by itself as naturally as the one obtained after sun exposure.

The unique, floral and slightly citrusy fragrance (Ylang Ylang and Agrumes) makes the use of the Intense Tinted Self Tanning Lotion very pleasant!


LotionsMagic potions that allow you to obtain a natural tan identical to that of the sun, in just a few hours!

Tinted Self-tanning Lotion – Intense

In 1960, Bronz’Express launched the world’s first Self Tanning Tinted Lotion.

This “IT-LOTION” has over the years made the name of its range as famous as Académie Scientifique de Beauté, the French cosmetic brand that imagined and formulated it, and has now become a brand in its own right.

This revolution combines a soft floral fragrance and a tinted liquid formula that immediately stands out in the beauty rituals of the most glamorous women. Since then, Bronz’Express tinted formulas offer easy application and an immediate healthy glow effect. The skin is given a subtle golden natural tan. Your beauty becomes radiant.