To properly use your self-tanner without the risk of unwanted streaks, it is important to master the art of a successful application. Here’s everything you need to know about Bronz’Express Face.

What is a face tanner?

Bronz’Express Face is your beauty ally for a healthy glow all year round! Natural and safe, adopting this product will change your life … and your complexion if you follow the recommended application rules.

1- Prepare your skin well

A few days before applying your facial self-tanner, be sure to gently exfoliate your skin with a gentle scrub. Not only will this little wellness break do you the greatest good, but it will also allow you to say goodbye to dead skin cells. In doing so, the self-tanner will apply to your skin perfectly!

Without exfoliation, the effect of the self-tanner will be counterproductive. Rather than having a beautiful, tanned complexion, your face likely show streaks. So, wait no longer: on your marks, get set, exfoliate!

2- Moisturize your face

Once the exfoliation is done, the second step must be taken: hydrating the skin. This is the secret to looking good and glowing. Bet on an ultra nourishing cream, rich in plant extracts. It’s the best way to pamper your skin deeply.

And to stay well hydrated, you drink enough water in a day. Do not hesitate to vary the pleasures, sparkling water, tea, herbal tea, homemade fruit juice, the choice is yours!

3- Adopt the right actions for a successful application

This is it, you are finally at the stage of applying your self-tanner! Take a dab or a few drops in the palm of your hand and apply it in small circular motions starting with the T zone, which is made up of the forehead, nose, and chin. Continue application with cheeks, temples and neck, always opting for a delicate and gentle application.

Want to sport the most beautiful sun-kissed complexion, no matter what time of year? Now is the time to add Bronz’Express to your beauty kit!