As soon as the first rays of the sun hit the tip of our nose, and we all dream of a beautiful, tanned complexion. How do you get there with the various external aggressions, blackheads, dead skin cells, and pimples? 2 words to remember: face scrub!

Why do you need to exfoliate?

Our skin accumulates a whole bunch of impurities and dead skin cells. And since the skin of our face is subjected to several attacks, it deserves all the attention it deserves! How to take care of it? By performing scrubs on a regular basis, which will allow it to be thoroughly cleaned, in addition to removing dead skin cells, smoothing the skin and unclogging blocked pores.

And that’s not all! The exfoliation considerably limits the appearance of blackheads, makes your skin more beautiful while helping the epidermis to regenerate while you sleep.

One thing is sure, thanks to the exfoliation, you will have a radiant glow and cleansed skin, ready to face your day!

Face scrub and tanning: a winning duo!

Contrary to popular belief, a scrub does not make the tan disappear, but allows it to stay longer. By exfoliating your skin regularly in the summer, you will maintain your tanned complexion and restore intensity to your tanned complexion.

As the sun, the swimming sessions and the ocean considerably weaken the skin, it is important to cleanse it thoroughly, while getting rid of dead cells. Be careful, however, if you have abused UV rays and are suffering from a nasty sunburn, wait at least a week before doing your exfoliation, not to damage your already weakened skin.

Instructions for a successful exfoliation

For a successful exfoliation, you must be able to apply the product correctly and use it at the right frequency.

Although facial exfoliation is a real source of benefits for the skin, it should not be done every day since the effect would be counterproductive. Ideally, treat yourself to 1 to 2 scrubs per week, a good option to treat your skin in depth, without weakening it.